Phimosis Cure

Phimosis Cure

5 key things you need to know about phimosis:

  1. There are no super fast treatments that work
  2. Gentle, Regular, Even Pressure every day has been shown to work effectively
  3. Foreskin stretches best when inflammation & infection are absent
  4. A steroid or phimosis treatment cream with neem oil can help prepare  a foreskin for stretching
  5. Novoglan is the only product approved for use in treating a tight tight foreskin | phimosis

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The Novoglan Simple 5 step Process:

  1. Keep the Foreskin and Penis clean using Novoglan Soap
  2. Apply Novoglan Cream to moisturise and soften the foreskin and reduce inflammation and microbial load
  3. Use the cream daily or twice daily depending on tightness and dryness of foreskin
  4. Use the Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher  every day for 14 days or a little longer if required
  5. Use Novoglan Personal lubricant during sexual activity to reduce risk of tearing or inflammation.

So when it comes to a cure for phimosis – you need the worlds number 1 Phimosis Treatment – Novoglan.